My Animated Logo

For my animated logo, I separated the various elements of the original image and did some basic animation. I then recreated 4 iconic movie props (the cricket bat from Shaun of the Dead. the device from Her, the teacup from Get Out, and the Luxo Ball from Luxo Jr. and Pixar in general) using illustrator. After some more basic animation, the logo was completed.

Epic Emoji Movie Trailer

A few good boys and I improved the Emoji Movie Trailer. We shot it around Davis, and edited it using Adobe Premiere Pro. I got some sexy royalty free music and edited it to the footage. Yum Yum Yum Yum

High Quality Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Prints (Radio Ad)

The day that this assignment was assigned to me was the same historic day as the release of the Sonic the Hedgehog movie trailer. I put them together and what do you get? Bippity boppity abomination! In the past, I have printed out beautiful images with my friends and given them to random people in the mall. That good good day laid the groundwork for this idea.

I wrote a script, recorded my own lines, then asked people to record the rest. They happily obliged. I then uploaded all of my files to Audition and started editing! The ad was supposed to be exactly 30 seconds, so I cut out as much as I could. Unfortunately, that still wasn’t enough. I couldn’t take out anything else without making the ad incomprehensible, so I’m just gonna lose some points on that one.

What’s the deal with blood and oil?!


‘Member that walk cycle that I did? Well, now it is improved exponentially thanks to motion tweens! Yes, this blog post is sponsored by Motion Tweens: Even Your Wildest Tweens Can Come True!®

With Motion Tweens, I can be a lazy boy and still get these wacky characters across the screen. Just convert your original creations to symbols and select ‘create new motion tween’ and let the fun begin!

That Train is Poppin Out of That Picture!

To create this good Train Boy, I used this good train pic:

I erased all but the front half of the train, created a white rectangle, clipped a copy of the train pic to the white rectangle, made the copy all sepia toned, erased some of the first train pic in order to get that Wizard of Oz type color change, copied the rectangle, made the copy all wonky like a Polaroid picture, then painted the borders with a soft black brush. After a butt ton of adjustment layers for gradients and color stuff, I was done!

I like it.

It looks cool.

I like it.

Creating the Final Frontier in Photoshop

I made a big boy space scene.

I applied many different filters and gradients to a black background. I then erased various sections to my liking. I then took two different photos to use for my planets.

I accidentally applied the cement picture to the background, but it looked dope, so I kept it. I made my two images into spheres, then made shadow layers that matched their shape. I gave the planets an outer and inner glow that matched the colors around them and erased whatever I didn’t want. I arranged the planets to my liking, and badaboom! Space! I then tried to add a U.S.S Enterprise ship, but it didn’t look good anywhere I put it. That was a disappointment. Overall, I like how this turned out. It was pretty easy, but also satisfying and fun.