I Made a Logo… look at it


This is my final draft of my personal logo. I’m using this as my movie review blog’s logo  as well. I sketched two rough drafts (vvrrdg-1) before starting in Illustrator. I made the two “M’s” that stand for Movie Mort symmetrical. I pulled up a picture of yours truly and made a simplified version using the pentool. I then recreated the simple cartoony camera design that everyone thinks of when they think of “movie cameras”. I rearranged these 3 aspects until I found an arrangement I liked. I’m pretty happy with the results.

Adobe Illustrator Pen Tool Self-Portrait

I took this lil’ pic of me and traced over every shadow and individual shape with the pen tool in Adobe Illustrator. I colored every individual shape to match the original picture. It looked like a terrifying inhuman being until you get all of the shadows in. Zooming in and making the pen tool shapes as specific and close to scale as possible is essential. The glasses were hard, but were created using the shape building tool. I chose a background that looked fine, and here we are!


About MovieMort.

I am a confused teenager that uses movies as a way of understanding the deeply troubled world around me. Is it the most effective way of doing this? No. Would I change that? Also no. My favorite movie is Hot Fuzz, my favorite band is Ben Folds Five, I have an unhealthy amount of Funko Pops!, and I love Nintendo. I was an extra in a Disney Channel show, so I would consider my life a success. My little cousin is my favorite thing, and 2011’s The Lorax is my least favorite thing. I hope I can make a career in film but in the meantime, I’ll shove every movie I can get into my eyeholes.